Linguana vs. Weglot: How They Stack Against Each Other

Looking for a translation tool 100% tailored for your Webflow site? Linguana might be the perfect alternative for you!

With most fortune 500 companies already investing heavily in localization, how can you even stack against them and earn a fair market share? Luckily, many available language translation tools help you go beyond borders without spending all your budget on translation efforts. But with so many to choose from, which is the best? In this article, we dissect how Weglot stacks against Linguana and help you decide which tool is the best for you. 

What’s the difference?

Before we dive into Linguana vs. Weglot comparison, let's start with a little introduction to both tools.


Linguana is a multi-language SaaS exclusively for Webflow. By supporting more than 189 different languages, it helps its users break language barriers by translating manually or harnessing the power of machine translation. Built with SEO in mind, Linguana helps get you discovered and rank on top of Google in every specific market you aim to enter it. 


Weglot is a multilingual SaaS tool offering user-friendly functionality to help its users translate websites in 113 languages. By leveraging the power of a custom API solution, Weglot has yet helped translate over 30,000 websites. Compatible with all CMS out there, it is a convenient solution for every website builder you or your clients use.

Linguana vs. Weglot comparison table

We created a side-by-side comparison between Linguana and Weglot to see what sets Linguana apart from its competition. Discover why Linguana is the best Weglot alternative in the comparison table below.

Features Linguana Weglot
Specialized for Webflow Yes No
Free trial Yes Yes
Languages supported 109 113
Pay only for what you use Yes No
Compatible with every CMS No Yes
API integration No Yes
Translate URLs on every pricing plan Yes No
SEO-friendly subfolder structure on all plans Yes No
Content detection and translation Yes Yes
Localized customer journey Yes Yes
Access to pro translators No Yes

Key pros of using Linguana

100% Webflow tailored

Unlike other translation tools, Linguana is 100% specialized in Webflow, offering tailored solutions to extend Webflow pages beyond borders. Built with SEO in mind, Linguana can help translate your Webflow page into more than 189 languages without sacrificing hard-earned SEO juice.

To start using Linguana, you can add the tool to your Webflow projects without writing a single line of code. Once you finish the onboarding process, Linguana detects your content and offers you to translate the site yourself or pre-fill the fields with AI auto-translations.

Subfolders and translated URLs on every pricing plan

When signing up for Linguana, every pricing plan allows you to manage website languages via subfolders or custom domains. Subfolders enable you to use an SEO-friendly subfolder structure. Custom domains allow you to use a different domain for every new language. Custom domains help you build trust, strengthen your brand, and drive traffic to your site in every market.  

Next, translated URLs make you easily discoverable by people browsing in their native language. Translated URL helps Google crawls your page and categorizes it correctly to bring it up on the relevant searches. All this leads to increased web traffic and simultaneously signals the search engine to move your Webflow page higher in the ranks and toward the top position.

Pay only for what you use

No matter the pricing plan you choose, Linguana never limits you by word count. Every pricing plan has a fixed price, meaning you only pay extra for AI translation and nothing more. 

1000 AI credits = 1000 translated words = $1. 

Translating 1000 words using AI technology will set you back an additional $1 on top of the regular monthly subscription fee. To put it simply, our individual plant costs $49/mo and offers

  • Unlimited languages
  • 1 project
  • Subdirectory structure
  • Custom domains
  • Translated URLs
  • 50k AI credits on signup

Once you spend all 50K AI credits, every 1000 words translated by AI will cost an additional $1. 

Key cons of using Linguana

Access to pro translators

Linguana enables you to translate content manually, but it does not offer your exclusive access to professional translators. This means you have to either hire an in-house translation team to guarantee the highest translation standards or outsource some translation tasks to freelance translators or LSPs. Finding the right translation partner or an in-house translation team is vital when translating formal and legal documents. 

No visual editor

One of the key features of why Webflow is so easy to use is its visual designer. Visual designer enables you direct on-page editing, displaying the page almost exactly as it will look live at all times. Linguana does not offer a visual editor to edit and translate your content directly inside your website design and structure. 

The same sentence varies in length and structure in different languages. This means your copy and design might be off when you first localize your page to a new audience. Not instantly seeing how your localized Webflow page looks live means you will have to do a few extra steps to adjust it for the new market. 

No API integration

Linguana does not yet offer API integration. API serves as a bridge between two software programs or tools to communicate with each other using a sect of company-specific protocols. 

Leveraging the power of API allows you to seamlessly connect Linguana to your page and eliminate any manual labor. With the help of API, any newly detected content on your Webflow page will be translated automatically.

Key pros of using Weglot

Manage translations effortlessly

Weglot allows you to manage all your translation projects effortlessly across your organization. All your translations, SEO metadata, and other files are accessible through their single custom dashboard. Using one dashboard creates a transparent overview of your projects and helps your team collaborate within Weglot. 

When you localize formal and customer-facing documents, avoiding you afford grammatical failures is a priority. Spelling mistakes can create confusion, a loss of clarity, and in most severe cases large sums of lost sales opportunities. Weglot's dashboard solves this problem. One of its features is to help you directly connect with a professional translation service.

Support multiple CMS

In recent years, we got to the point of an abundance of popular content management systems. With the steady advancements of various web builders, building and deploying a website has become more accessible than ever. 

Localization is usually not the first step or even thought when deploying a website for the first time. Completely changing your CMS, for this reason, is not the most optimal step towards reaching beyond borders. Weglot is compatible with most CMS, web technologies, and tools:

  • Webflow
  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • Magento
  • Help Scout
  • Shopify
  • Drupal

Edit your translations visually 

A visual editor is a computer software for editing text files using a friendly user interface that instantly shows you how your page will look live. One of the Weglots features that make it user-friendly is to allow you to translate content directly inside your website design and structure. Once you finish tweaking your content, click refresh, and you should see the translated content edited.

Key cons of using Weglot

Lack of supported languages

There are over 7,100 languages spoken worldwide, and Weglot supports around 100 of them. While Weglot can help you localize your page in the most common language, it lacks support for lesser-used or less commonly spoken languages.

Supporting only the most commonly used languages is sufficient enough to help you adjust your content to the most in-demand markets. However, this means you will face fierce competition trying to get ahead and harness a fair market share. This is where localizing to lesser-used or less commonly spoken languages comes into play. Localizing in those languages helps you convey smaller audiences more confidently and slowly build up your list of prospective clients. Once you grow your audience in smaller markets, you can easily continue generating leads in fiercer markets.

The word count limit 

Weglot offers five different standard pricing plans and an additional custom enterprise plan. Their customers can thus pick among six options depending on needed features, project scope, and budget. With many different features Weglot can offer, all pricing plans share a common limitation - limited word count.

This can become a problem when you want to translate large volumes of content or change the content frequently. Additionally, the word count limit may affect other website elements (images, videos, etc.) and further limit the amount of content available for translation. Localizing creative assets for your target audience is an important step in an effective localization strategy. 

Your website may require a higher-tier pricing plan or multiple plans only to fully translate content, even though you don't need all the features that come with the higher-tier plan.

Hard to migrate to other Translation tools

Weglot is an easy-to-use translation tool with many features that helps you break language barriers in over 100 languages until you cancel your subscription. Once you stop using Weglot, all translation data that you have created on the platform will be deleted. This will result in losing all your translated pages, and your website will display only in the original language


Coming to the end of this blog post, you can see that Linguana and Weglot are both great solutions when trying to localize your website for new audiences. Finally, it all comes down to your personal preferences, budget, and the resources you can allocate to creating a website. 

For most companies using different CMS and trying to localize their page in the most widely spoken languages, Weglot is the way to go. Their custom dashboard allows your whole team to overview the translation flow and collaborate on every single step, no matter what of the following CMS or web builder you use:

  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • Magento
  • Help Scout
  • Shopify
  • Drupal

However, if you are looking for an extremely easy-to-use Webflow specialized translation tool, Linguana is the way to go. Built by Webflow Enterprise partners, Linguana helps you translate your page into almost 200 languages without compromising your SEO score.

Contrary to Weglot, Linguana never limits you by word count, no matter the pricing plan. Every pricing plan has a fixed price, meaning you only pay extra for AI translation and nothing more.