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Linguana makes it easy to translate your Webflow site into any language without risking your SEO performance.

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Our solution

Take your Webflow site to the next level with market-leading SEO functionality, AI translations and language-specific images.

Subdirectory structure

Linguana offers two different ways to manage your website's languages: subfolders or custom domains.

With subfolders, you can use a SEO-friendly subfolder structure for different languages, such as,,

With custom domains, you can use a different domain name for every language - for example:,, or

Translated URL slugs

To have your translated pages indexed by search engines, you need to translate the content, as well as the URLs. This is where Linguana comes in - we can help you translate your URLs into every language.

This way, your pages will be easily found by people searching in their native language. And, of course, you'll get more traffic to your site.

Automatic or manual translations

With our AI auto-translation feature, you can quickly and easily translate your content into multiple languages. Simply select the language you want to translate into and our AI technology will do the rest.

You can also choose to translate your content manually - simply select the language you want to translate to and fill out the fields with the desired text.

What others are saying

Used by more than 130+ Webflowers

My experience has been generally positive.  The initial setup is clear and simple and the interface is clean and intuitive.

Gerardo Morales

Senior Webflow developer at Algofy

The dns connection works perfectly, and the UI is quite intuitive. Keep up the good work

Angus Yip

Founder at Media Studio Hong Kong

We're looking to get this live in Spain, Italy, and Germany - I think Linguana sounds like the perfect fit

Joe McLean

Webflow developer

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Grow your global audience

As the world becomes increasingly connected, it's more important than ever to have a global audience for your business or website.

Icon for no duplicate pages. Green and black square
No duplicate pages
All translated pages are generated and served from our super-fast CDN
Location based content icon.
Location based content
Using IP geolocation, we will show your users content in their own language.
Auto-redirects icon. Icon shows a sign with multiple directions
Automatically manage redirects between translated pages
No-code icon. Mouse hovering over an object.
Installation requires only some clicking and copy-pasting
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AI auto-translation
Save money and add more languages by using translations from our AI
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Translation editing
Make AI translations perfect by manually tweaking them
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Webflow only
We are focused - Linguana is built exclusively for Webflow
Translation icon
Real multi-language
Translate everything from content, URLs to meta titles and alt tags

How it works

Go global in three easy steps.

Image shows how your page connects with Linguana
step 1
Connect to your Webflow website
Add your project to Linguana and follow the onboarding steps. This is a simple process that should take only a couple of minutes.
Homepage in 2 different languages
step 2
Content detection & translation
Our advanced parser will detect your content, and you will be able to translate it yourself or pre-fill the fields with AI auto-translations.
Image shows how your page will convert into multiple languages
step 3
Congrats, you're global!
Whoop whoop! Now that you've gone international, you can focus on creating new content and publishing it for the world to enjoy.